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Company LOGO

Shandong Linyi Sunny Wealth Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Company LOGO

This logo has a form of “S”(blue part) combining a benzene ring (regular hexagon external contour) with two shake hands (white shake parts inside of regular hexagon).
"S" is the initial of "San" of company's Chinese name of "Sanfeng", is also the initial of company's English name of "sunny wealth", is also the initials of "Su" of company's registered trademark of "Sukang" and company's registered English trademark of "SONOX", letter "S" is the core representation.
The two shake hands inside of "S" signifies the principles of sincere communication between the company and customers, pooling of interest and customer first, and also signifies loyal spirit of all employees hand in hand, working in concert and solidarity and creating the glory of company together.
The global contour benzene ring features that our company is mainly a fine chemical company.
The normative regular hexagon structure materializes the company management spirit of striving for perfection.