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Course of development

Shandong Linyi Sunny Wealth Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Course of development

Shandong Linyi Sunny Wealth Chemicals Co.,Ltd was funded in 1977 , and it took activities of chemicals production and research development since its foundation .
In 1989, the company brought in the production technology of the plastic antioxidant series, further improved its processing technique, and produced a qualified product later.
In 1992, the product SONOX 1010 was tested on the PP and PE processes in the China Petrochemical Corporation, achieving high approbations of all the petrochemical companies. For its high quality, it has been widely used on the PP and PE processes of the China Petrochemical Corporation and China National Petroleum Corporation, and is alternative of imported products.
In 1994, the antioxidant SONOX 1010 was recognized by the international market and was exported to USA, Germany, Japan, Italy and Taiwan etc.
In 1996, the company purchased a piece of land with the area of 20000 m2, enlarged the production scale of 1000t suffocate phenol antioxidant and achieved successfully three goals of "design, installation and manufacture".
In 1999, the company passed the product certification of China Quality Certification Center and was awarded ISO9001 certificate. And the company has gotten a good opinion for its high product quality and scientific effective management, become the first class supplier of China Petrochemical Corporation and China National Petroleum Corporation.
In 2003, the company completed the enlargement of 1000t suffocate phenol antioxidant, achieving a twice production and attaining the capacity of 2000 tons per year.
In 2004 , it was assessed as an excellent supplier by Qilu Perochemical Corporation .
In 2004, to satisfy the increasing demand of national market, the company constructed a new 3000t phosphate ester antioxidant manufacture process, and finished installation and test quickly, produced qualified SONOX 168 products and was accepted rapidly by the clients in the market.
In 2006, the company invested a new 3000t suffocate phenol antioxidant production process, and its production capacity attained 8000t per year.
In 2007, the company purchased another piece of land with area of 40000m2 in the linyi hedong industrial park, and began to construct a ten thousand tons antioxidant production base.
In May of 2008, the alkyl manufacturing process started production successfully, and in September of 2009, the alkylphenol productivity attained 15000t/a due to the expanding of the alkylphenol plant.
In November of 2009 , the company built a new 4000t/a antioxidant 168 plant , and in next June the plant production capacity further expanded to 6000t/a because of reconstruction .
In 2010, the company passed the conformity assessment by ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001 system, and built a new granulation plant, and can offer different specifications of composite granular products to our customs.
In 2010, the company began to build a new R&D center and Application Research center.
In 2011, the company brand "Sukang" was accredited as "the famous trade mark of Shandong".
In 2012, the company technology center was identified as "Provincial enterprise technology center"and "Provincial engineering research center for plastic antioxidants".
In 2013, the company constructed a new 6000t suffocate phenol antioxidants manufacture process, by the end of the year, its production capacity attained 22000t per year.