Sanfong adheres to the idea of "people-oriented" talent development, pays attention to talent training, has a perfect talent training system, and realizes the common development of employees and enterprises. In order to give full play to the characteristics of talents, the company provides multi-faceted promotion channels for employees to maximize the value of personal development.

Production channel

Ordinary Operator → Intermediate Operator → Senior Operator → Technician → Senior Technician

Technical Channel

Assistant Engineer → Technical Engineer → Engineer → Senior Engineer → Chief Engineer

Manage channels

Basic Management → Management Supervisor → Middle Sanager → Senior Sanagement → Group Leadership Team



Statutory benefits

Pay five insurance and one fund according to the national statutory policy.


Welfare of life

Staff apartment, commuter bus, health check-up.


Recreational activities and benefits

Paid vacation, annual bonus, holiday benefits, expanding tourism.


Exhibition welfare

Vocational development training, high education allowance and title allowance.

Training and development

With the goal of "training is the best welfare for employees to maintain and increase their value", Sanfong Group has gradually built a training team with Sanfong concept, model spirit and increasingly sophisticated, explored a set of training system adapted to the development of enterprises, and played an important role from the improvement of employees'skill level to the dissemination, transmission and inheritance of corporate culture. The types of training have also developed from a single induction training for new employees to a comprehensive system focusing on concept, skills, literacy and common sense training. Every year, employees at different levels and positions are trained in different forms and continuously.