The application and dosage of antioxidants in plastics

      Antioxidants are a class of chemicals that, when present in only small amounts in a polymer system, can delay or inhibit the oxidation process of the polymer, thereby preventing the aging of the polymer and extending its service life, also known as "antioxidants". Antioxidants can be divided into primary antioxidants, auxiliary antioxidants and metal antioxidants. Auxiliary antioxidants can be divided into phosphorus antioxidants, thioether antioxidants, metal purification agents.
  1, the application in polypropylene:
  In general, the processing temperature of polypropylene is 220-280 ℃, if not add antioxidants, thermal degradation will occur at the processing temperature, so that its melt index increases. The antioxidant system commonly used in industry is mainly phenols with high relative molecular mass, such as 330,1010,1076, etc.. The dosage is 0.05~0.25%, often used together with calcium stearate.
  2、Application in polyethylene:
  High molecular weight hindered phenols, such as antioxidants CA, 330, 1010, 1076, etc. Antioxidant 1076 is generally used in high-density polyethylene. If the processing temperature is very high, it is recommended to select 1010 and phosphoric acid antioxidants. For chemical cross-linked polyethylene can be used thiobisphenol and polymerized quinoline dioxide derivatives, etc. Dosage 0.1~0.25.
  3, in the application of styrene plastics:
  Polystyrene is more sensitive to the effect of light oxidation. After oxidation, products appear yellowing and brittle phenomenon, the use of 3-(3,5 a di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzene propionic acid) octadecyl not only has antioxidant effect, but also has anti-photo-oxidation effect. If you add the right amount of UV absorbers, the synergistic effect is better. Dosage 0.1~0.2%.
  4、Application in ABS resin;
  Phosphite ester can be used with phenolic antioxidants, 1076,1010,2246,246. or add DLTP (dodecyl thiodipropionate), TNP (trinonyl phenyl phosphite), etc.


Quality Activity Month

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Sanfeng's second phase of antioxidant green integration project started

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